Though we no longer have a retail store for
you to visit, I still deliver the same stone
products we carried and continue to add
more.  I will try to continue to add photos of
the various stone products to the site over
2016.  I hand select any flagstone you order,
and will deliver smaller quantities myself..
up to 2,000 pounds.  Over that amount I will
quite often have it delivered by the vendor
after I pick out the nicest pallets of stone for
you.  I'm happy to deliver very small quantities
as well.

Decorative pebbles such as the Mexican
Beach pebbles, polished pebbles, and
Seaside pebbles are bagged only, in 50 or
75 # bags.  Delivery charge is by area, but
is quite reasonable.  Many of the decorative
gravels are available by the ton / yard or
in 50# bags
Flagstone for Paths and Patios

Park Valley Green Quartizte Patio
Cowbow Coffee Charcoal Patio Stone
Iron Slate  1 - 1.5" Patio
Pennsylvania Variegated Flagstone
Gold Rush Quartzite Patio Stone

We are also vendors for Abbotsford and
Mutual Materials pavers. We have
both color, size and type samples, and
can help you set up a delivery of those
products, as well as wall stone.

Samples of any of our stone products can
be mailed to you if you absolutely need to
see them before you buy.  We mail in USPS
flat rate boxes.     

We also deliver
paver base gravel and sand for installing
your patio or walkway stone.  

The "inch"  measurements refer to the
average thickness of the flagstone or
approximate diameter of the size of pebbles
or crushed rock products

Basalt Rockery Rock
Stocked mostly in 5 - 100 pound pieces

Mt. Saint Helens' Basalt
Very dark grey Basalt, with lots of iron and
bronze color.  Very pretty rock, and goes well
with columnar basalt, and Iron or Dark slates

Quality Black Basalt
Very Block and Angular Rock which makes
very nice walls.  Matches well with many old
basalt rockery walls

Columbia Granite
Pretty grey/white/black lightly speckled
granite.  Rounded shapes rather than
angular breaks.  Nice accent rock.

Lynch Creek Basalt
Blue grey color with some light streaks
in it.  Nice angular, blocky shape

High Cascade Granite
Pretty Speckled whitish/tan granite with
a lot of bronzing on the faces.  Very nice
rock for accents, or walls.

Canadian Speckled Salt & Pepper Granite
White Granite with Black speckles. It was
widely used in parts of Seattle in 20's/30's
for rock walls.  Also is available in gravels

Granite Boulders 25 - 300  pounds
More rounded landscape accent boulders
in varying colors and sizes up to 1,000 #

Columnar Basalt Basins
Many sizes available for

Basalt Mini-Columns
Another nice stone accent piece, these small
natural columns run anywhere from 12-30" in
height, and 15 to 40 pounds.   We also have
them pre-drilled and plumbed for fountains.
Work beautifully with the Basalt basins!  

Basalt and Mini-Basalt Drilled Columns
for Fountains

Roan River Rainbow Rock
Varying colors, reds, blues, greens, greys,
and purples, make this a pretty stone for
using in ponds, birdbaths, streams, or just
as an accent piece.   .  Currently deliver
3/8" & 1/2" pebbles, 1 & 1/2" river rock,  
3/8 " crushed  and 2-10" river rock
in bulk.  All but the 2-8" is available bagged

Decorative Gravels for Delivery
in Bulk
Minimum order for bulk delivery is approx.
1/4 yard  ( 700 # )  Some are available in
bags as well, and they are indicated with
an ( *) after the product.  With all decorative
gravels and stone, the more you order, the
better your pricing will be, as trucking is a
large part of the cost in these products.

Current as of 5 / 9 / 16

1/2- 3/4 Rainbow Pebbles - Round *
3/8" Crushed Rainbow Rock *
1 1/2" Rainbow Rock *
2-8" Rainbow Rock
3/8" Pea Gravel size Rainbow Rock *
5/8-3/4" Champagne Quartzite *
3/8" Buckskin clean crushed *
1/2" minus Buckskin Quartzite
1.25 " Buckskin Quartzite
1.25" China White Quartzite
1.25" Champagne Quartzite
1.25" Valley Yellow
1.25" Valley Red
3/4" Salt & Pepper Canadian Granite Chips*
1/2' Salt & Pepper Canadian Granite Chips
5/16" Black Crushed clean *
1/4" minus Salt & Pepper Granite *
1/2" Minus Champagne Quartzite
1/4" minus Black basalt
5/8", 3/4" or 1.25" minus Black basalt
1" Turquoise crushed clean

Polished Beach Pebbles

Long a favorite at our store and still
available for delivery.  Sizes are:
3/8-1/2",  3/4 - 1.5", 1.5"-2.5" and 3-5'
Colors available are
Black, White, Yellow, Red, Black with
yellow stripes, and mixed ( all colors but
striped in same bag )
Bags are 50# and each is approx. .5
cu. foot.  They  (or any other 50# bag )
will cover approx. 5-6 Square feet 1"
Best price breaks at 10 bags, 25 or

How do I buy Stone ?!
Rockery Rock is sized as follows:
1/2 man ( up to 75 pounds )
1 man  ( 75 -300 pounds )
2 man ( 300 - 600 )
3 man ( 600 - 900 )

If you are building a wall, a good
rule of thumb is one ton ( 2000# )  
per 15 square foot of wall face.
or....if you are building a wall that's
20 feet long by 2 feet high it's
20 x 2 = 40, divided by 15 = 2.66
tons ( or 5,333 pounds ) needed.
When I load your order I try very
hard to make sure you get the
sizes you need and want.

For gravels, etc. for ground
coverage, its approx. one yard
( 1.35 - 1.4 tons ) per 300 SQ
feet, per inch.  SO, if you have
100 Square feet to cover, for
every inch depth you want to
go, you'll want 1/3 yard of gravel
or pebbles.  Most 50# bags are
.5 cu foot roughly, so they will
cover about 5 SF one inch deep

With Patio Stone or Flagstone
most 1 - 1.5" thick stone will cover
100-120 SF per ton, depending on
how tight you lay it ( how big the
gaps are between pieces.  
With 1.5 -2" thick stone, it's closer
to 70-90 SFcoverage per ton
Pretty Columbia Granite Rock
Quality Black Basalt Matches many
older rockeries in Seattle
Available in half man and one
man size ( 5 - 300 # )
Mt. St. Helens Basalt is available
for delivery again in 1/2 - 2 man size
High Cascade Granite
Beautiful and Colorful Rainbow Rock
Brighten up any area with this pretty multi
color rock.  Available in 3/8" round,3/8"
crushed ( for paths/patios), 1/2-3/4"round,
1.5" round - ( shown ), and  2-6" round
Valley Red 1 1/4" Gravel
Still available for delivery in sizes
from 6" high to 42" high.  Approx.
diameter of 4-6"
Black Crushed 5/16" - 3/8" Gravel
Makes nice pathways or mulch!

Park Valley Green Patio Stone
Canadian Granite Chips 3/4"
Nice lighter color granite that works
well for pathways or accents.
Also available in decomposed 3/8"-
Gold Rush Patio Stone
Stampede Iron Slate 1 - 1.5" Patio Stone
Pennsylvania Variegated Bluestone
Pretty Tan Quartzite Gravel for
that English Garden look!
Turquoise 1" Clean Crushed
Very pretty color with bronze accents
Pretty 3/8" Rainbow chips make a
colorful and easy walkway or patio
area.  Use a 2" base of 5/8" minus
compacted or tamped under them
for the firmest walking path.
Polished beach pebbles  
from left upper are Red 3/4 - 1.5"
center upper Mixed 3/8 - 1/2"
right upper Yellow 3/4 - 1.5"
lower center Black 1.5 - 2.5"
If you need samples or photos of a product not shown for a client or
your own information, please contact me by phone or email and I can
get either to you.