Stone Products
We have set out to build a source for all of
your landscape stone needs here in West
We have been adding new natural stone
products every month, and will continue to
add more during the 2010 season.
Updated 5-20-14
Below is a list of what we stock at the yard, and
we also have samples of about a dozen others,
that we can order for you, pickup and have to you
within a week in most cases.  All
decorative stone
is sold by weight, per pound or per ton with most
having discounts on purchases over 1.5 tons

Of course we stock standard 5/8 - 3/4" crushed
rock, 5/8" minus gravel, sand
and 3/4 - 1 1/2" Drain ( river ) rock in bulk or bags
at per yard or half yard prices
Flagstone for Paths and Patios
We try to keep a minimum of 1/2 ton of each
and up to 2 tons of some.  As of 6/6/13
we have the following in stock
Gold Rush Patio Stone
Cowbow Coffee Charcoal Patio Stone
Montana Iron Slate 1 - 1.5" Patio

Used and New Brick in Stock

We are also vendors for Abbotsford and
Mutual Materials pavers. We have
both color, size and type samples, and
can help you set up a delivery of those
products, as well as wall stone.

Other Samples in Stock and can be
ordered for delivery within 1-2 days
including cut  dimensional bluestone and
concrete pavers and wall stone        

We also stock
paver base gravel and sand for installing
your patio or walkway stone.  

The "inch"  measurements refer to the
average thickness of the flagstone or
approximate diameter of the size of pebbles
or crushed rock products

Basalt Rockery Rock
Stocked mostly in 5 - 100 pound pieces

Mt. Saint Helens' Basalt
Very dark grey Basalt, with lots of iron and
bronze color.  Very pretty rock, and goes well
with columnar basalt, and Iron or Dark slates

Quality Black Basalt
Very Block and Angular Rock which makes
very nice walls.  Matches well with many old
basalt rockery walls

Columbia Granite
Pretty grey/white/black lightly speckled
granite.  Rounded shapes rather than
angular breaks.  Nice accent rock.

Lynch Creek Basalt
Angular bluish grey basalt.  Matches some
older rockeries and makes very nice walls.

Granite Boulders 25 - 500  pounds

Columnar Basalt Basins
One in stock as of 5-20-14

Basalt Mini-Columns
Another nice stone accent piece, these small
natural columns run anywhere from 12-30" in
height, and 15 to 40 pounds.   We also have
them pre-drilled and plumbed for fountains.
Work beautifully with the Basalt basins!  

Basalt and Mini-Basalt Drilled Columns
for Fountains

Roan River Rainbow Rock
Varying colors, reds, blues, greens, greys,
and purples, make this a pretty stone for
using in ponds, birdbaths, streams, or just
as an accent piece.   .  Currently stocking
3/8" & 1/2" pebbles, 1 & 1/2" river rock,  
3/8 " crushed  and 2-10" river rock

Other Gravels in Stock as of 5-20-14
in bulk pallet bag quantities
( we will bag them for you in our bags )
or bring  your 5 gallon pails and fill them

Some of below may be pre-bagged

3/8" Crushed Rainbow Rock
1 1/2" Rainbow Rock - 50# Bags
2-8" Rainbow Rock
3/8" Pea Gravel size Rainbow Rock
5/8-3/4" Champagne Quartzite
3/4" Salt and Pepper Granite Chips
3/8" Buckskin Tan Quartzite
5/16" Black Crushed
1/4" minus Salt & Pepper Granite

Bagged  Pebbles & Gravels  in stock
as of 7/25/13

Polished Beach Pebbles - varying
sizes and colors by the 50 lb. bag
( Red, White, Black, Mixed - 3/8" - 2")

Nice selection in Stock now of
Black, Red,  Striped, Mixed and

Pea Gravel -50 lb. Bags or bulk by
delivery only
( Restocking Friday 5/23)

Mexican Beach Pebbles 1/2 -1" or 1-2" -
75lb. bag

How do I buy Stone ?!

Most of our rock is in large bins or in
pallet bags.  You simply come in and

either bag up the gravels or pebbles
you want in our heavy duty bags, or
bring your 5 gallon plastic buckets!
If you want rockery rock, we can
help you pick the ones from our
different sizes and types, put them
a pallet or bin and then we'll weigh
them and help you load them.
Rockery Rock is sized as follows:
1/2 man ( up to 75 pounds )
1 man  ( 75 -300 pounds )
2 man ( 300 - 600 )
3 man ( 600 - 900 )
Mostly we carry 1/2 man to small
man in stock, as well as some 2 man
boulders in varying types.

Any quantity of any of our
stone products can be ordered
for delivery, either by our small
dumptrucks, or by pallet bags
with our small boom truck. Ideal
for putting materials atop those
West Seattle rockeries!
Mt St. Helens Basalt
Quality Black Basalt
Columnar Basalt Basin
Mini Columnar Basalt Fountains
Mexican Beach Pebbles
Rainbow Rock
Tumbled Pennsylvania Bluestone
Polished Beach Pebbles
Available in 5 colors and 4 sizes!
We add new stone products every month March
through September
Visit our website again  or stop in to see us!
New Large Selection of the
Mini-Basalt Columns in Stock!