Our Most Popular Landscape products
Most of the Soil,  and mulch products are priced between
$37 - 39.00 per yard.   Fish Compost, Nugget bark, Playchips
are between $40 - 55 per yard.  Prices are plus delivery

Cedar Grove Compost - This well known product is
ideal for adding life back to old or worn out soils.  As
landscape gardeners, one of the most common mistakes
we see are folks trying to garden in bad
soil!  West Seattle has lots of various soil types, but
sandy or heavy clay soils seem to be the most common.  
Especially in sandy soils, adding compost  helps put
nutrients back that have been lost over time, or just
never were there.  In addition, adding an organic product
such as Cedar grove compost will help sandy soils retain
moisture a bit longer by keeping them from draining quite
as quickly.  We do recommend that you either rototill or
hand fork the compost into the soil to mix it in, but you
can also put it around established plantings, as a mulch,
or use it under a mulch such as Steerco or bark.  We  
can get this bagged for you as well.  We're happy to
report that the quality this year has also improved and
we are seeing much less plastic, debris etc. in it.

Oly Mountain Fish Compost
Blend of recycled yard waste product and fish by
product compost, very high in nutrients, virtually no
odor.  Minimum 4 yard order plus delivery

Cedar Grove Garden-Vegetable Mix - Another fine
product is this 3 part blend of Topsoil, Sandy Loam, and
Cedar Grove Compost.  It is
a very rich soil, perfect for planting new beds, planters,
flower gardens,  or vegetable gardens.  It is also ideal for
overseeding lawns or under new sod, as it is pretty well
screened and doesn't have a lot of debris in it.  We sell
more of this than any of our products and people have
been very happy with it.  We think it's the finest
Garden Soil/Topsoil we've found by the yard.  We also
still do our Super Veggie mix, which adds another 15-20%
compost to the standard veggie mix for vegetable gardens
that require the extra organic material.

Cedar Grove Two Way Topsoil
This is a good blend for overseeding lawns, new lawns
or under sod.  It's a bit smoother/less clumpy than the
garden mix, and is a 50/50 blend of compost and sand.

Cedar Grove Bio Retention Soil
A mix that's blended for rain garden use.  60% sand
and 40% compost.

Spring is a Great time to mulch your garden beds

Mulching accomplishes several things.  If you use a
product like Steerco ( below ) it adds nutrients like
nitrogen back to the soil as it decomposes.  Equally
important  in Seattle, it also helps protect root zones
of borderline plants over the winter, as well as helping
hold moisture in the soil. Mulching in early spring before
most of your perennials are up and filled in is easier
and will assure you of a healthy, water wise garden
over the summer months

Steerco  Mulch - This fine locally produced product is a
blend of very fine bark mulch and composted manure.  It
has a nice medium brown color, not as reddish as bark
mulch, so it looks very nice when used as a
top-dressing/mulch in planter beds.   Because it is partly
composted manure, it also has around 1% nitrogen, so
helps put some nutrients back in the soil.  Woody plants
such as Rhodies, azaelas, nandinas, viburnum and
others seem to thrive with this as  their mulch.  We have
been using this product exclusively as our mulch choice
for over 5 years and have been very happy with it.  It also
does a fine job of helping retain important moisture in the
soil during our dryer summer months.

Medium Fine Beauty Bark - A northwest classic, used
in many yards because of it's cedar red color.  We
recommend that if you do use it, that you spread some
compost underneath it around your established plantings
before putting down the bark, as bark by itself will not
provide any nutrients to your plants.

Dark Bark & Fine Bark
Like the names imply, the Dark Bark is regular texture, but
a more dark brown.  Fine Bark is simply finer texture than
the medium fine, but with the same reddish color.

Cedar Grove  Garden Mulch
A 50/50 blend of Medium bark and Compost.  Very dark
nearly black in color, it adds nutrients to a mulch with bark
texture, plus giving the dark color that many like.

Medium or Large Nugget Bark
Unfortunately  not always available this year, but can be
gotten if you can wait a week or so at times.  Medium
nuggets are about 1-1.5" or so, large are 2.5-4.   Still
have the bark color, but don't break down as fast as it
is a chunkier product.  Does run about $15 more per
yard than standard bark product.

Playchip Shavings    
Clean wood chips, ideal for use around childrens' play
areas, for garden pathways, or for woodland area mulch

Hardscape / Aggregate Products
Most Standard Aggregate / Construction Grade products
below are currently $ 40 - 42 per yard plus delivery charge

Builder's Sand - Excellent for use in rototilling into
heavy clay soils along with compost to facilitate drainage,
in mixing concrete, or under flagstone, pavers or bricks
for creating patios.  A medium sand, light brown in color.
Also used for children's play areas!

5/8 Minus Ledge Rock Gravel - This gravel product is
widely used as a base course for installing patios,
pavers, flagstone, and concrete.  It is a mixture of 5/8-3/4
ledge rock gravel, and fine particulate, so it will compact
very solidly with a plate compactor, hand compaction or
just by driving over it with a vehicle.  It makes an excellent
base ( before final levelling with sand ) for putting down
pavers and such, as you can level it well, then compact it
and prevent future lumps, dips and holes in your paver or
flagstone patio.
Many people use it as driveway gravel for the same
reason, and with good results.  If you don't like the look of
the fine particles, you can top coat it with a thinner layer
of washed gravel and still have a very firm driveway or
walking path surface.

1 1/4" Minus Ledge Rock
Similar to the 5/8- above but with larger aggregate
pieces.  Good for alleyways or heavy traffic areas as
it breaks down slower than the 5/8" minus, and does
work a bit better in very muddy/soft areas.

5/8- 3/4" Washed Gravel ( Chip Rock ) - Your classic
gravel, washed so that it is fairly clean right from the
beginning.  Used in driveway's, paths, etc.   It will provide
a fairly stable surface as it gets driven and walked on, but
not a firm as the 5/8 minus will.   Because of its cut, more
angular shapes, it is a better choice than pea gravel for
most walking paths as it will tend to be more stable.

1/4" Minus Paver Base
Great product for use under pavers or stone as it will
compact for the base, and then can be put on top of the
compacted base for laying the final product, or simply
spread and compacted for a walkway or patio area

3/8" Pea Gravel   
Small rounded "pea shaped" gravel.  Many like it for
pathways, between raised garden beds, etc.

3/4  - 1 1/2" Drain ( River ) Rock - Recommended for
drainage lines, french drains, trench drains etc.  Washed
smaller diameter river rock, it leaves air/water gaps
between it, so will allow water to  filter through and
percolate into the soil or perforated drain lines.
recommended for driveways or pathways, as it doesn't
pack in well, and will not be a stable surface for driving or
walking.  It is used for decorative purposes by many in
dry/wet stream beds, small ponds, around fountains, etc.

7/8" Drain (River) rock
A bit easier to work with, still good for most drainage
applications, or as landscape/ground cover.

2-4" Cobble Rock, 4-12" Cobble Rock, 2-4"
Granite/Basalt Railroad Ballast Cobble, 10-16"
Basketball (River - mostly Granite ) rock, 1/4"
minus black basalt gravel, 5/8" minus black basalt
gravel, 3/4" - Black Basalt gravel, 1.25" minus black
basalt gravel and 1.5-2.5" Crushed Basalt, 1/4"
clean Chip rock gravel ( chip seal )

For Decorative Rock Products
Flagstone and Rockery Rock
Please see our "Stone Products" page for a list  
of all our decorative stone!
Why Buy from us?

We are somewhat unique as far as materials suppliers go, because we are also long time
Landscape contractors.   We have used, and continue to use nearly all the products that
we sell in maintenance and installation work for our clients.   We can help walk you
through your project, whether they are simple and quick or more complex.
We are happy to give advice to new home owners that aren't quite sure what to do
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