The best way to be sure you get the right amount is to
Measure the area you want to cover!
How much material do I need ???
One of the most common questions we get is....
" But how much ( Mulch, Bark, Compost, Soil,
Gravel ) do I NEED?!!"

Well, there isn't a real short answer, but there is a way
to calculate approximately how much you'll want.
Landscape materials such as compost, topsoil, bark,
mulch and gravel are commonly sold by the rough
yard, or partial yard.  A yard of material is 27 cubic ft.
In other words a 9'x3'x1' space.
To figure out how much that will cover, you just need to
know about how large an area
you want to cover.  If you are mulching a bed
that is 20' long and 8' wide, you will be trying to cover
about 160 sq. feet.  Now you need to know
approximately how deep
you want the material to be, such as 2 inches, 4
inches, 6 inches etc.   One yard of
material will cover about 162 sq. feet, 2"
deep.  You get this by knowing that one cubic yard
would cover 27 sq. feet, one foot deep.  Since 2"
is 1/6th of a foot ( eek, fractions! ) you would
multiply 27 by 6 to find out how much it would cover
2" deep.  Got it?  No?  Well, no fear.  We are just great
at getting out the calculator and figuring it out for you!
Dont' be afraid to email us or call and we'll help.  Just
give us the "approximate" measurements of the areas
you want to cover.  We'll do the rest.

In general with mulch products you want to put 2-4"
down.  Topsoils just depend on what you're doing...
overseeding, ammending soils, creating new beds,
etc.  With most gravel, for paths, walkways or
driveways, you'd want to put down 2" or so, more if
you are going over soil that has never had gravel on
top of it, less if you are just putting new gravel on top of
exisiting gravel. We'll be happy to help you figure it
out, that's what we are here for.

With Landscape rock, a safe figure is one ton per
13-15 SQ. Foot of wall area.  In other words, if you
are building a wall 10' long and 2' high, you would
have 20 sq. foot of wall face area.  You would want
to buy about 1.5 tons of landscape rock.
A well mulched bed such as
this one, looks good year round, is
easy to keep clean, and helps retain
all important moisture in the soil.
.... but of course, nobody wants to end
up with a mountain of material leftover!