Manor Stone Retaining Walls  - Madison Park
Paver Patio and Walkway - West Seattle
More of our stone, wall, and paver installations are shown below....
We love to work with natural stone!   It's variations in colors, textures and shading give it a unique look
that just can't be obtained with other materials.   If you are considering a stone patio or walkway, call Jeff
to set up your bid appointment.
Blue Stone Patio and Path - Bothell
Parking Strip "Makeover" with Three Rivers walkway, Coppertone gravel &plantings
Let us help you design the stone installation that will make your yard a more beautiful place!
Landscape Services
Consulting, Installation or Maintenance

e-green landscaping is a full service landscape contractor.  We are
licensed,   bonded and insured.*  We do our own design work, or we
will work with your landscape designer's plans, or your own ideas.
We can assist you in choosing plants that are right for your site, and
with creating a garden that you will be happy with year after year.
Because we not only install but also maintain, we know what things
will look like 1-3 years down the road, and can help you create a new
design that will not become overcrowded after one season.  We also
install flagstone and paver patios and walkways, and retaining walls.
We do full maintenance as well, from regular mowing, trimming and
edging, to expert pruning and shearing of hedges, shrubs and trees
under 25' or so.   
Our rates are competitive and we are told we're easy and fun to work
with!  Call the office at (206) 763-7625 to talk to us about your own
landscaping needs.  You'll find our rates competitive too!
Because I am basically a one man show now, I am limited  in the
new work I take on, especially from April to October.  I'm happy to
talk to you though and will try to refer you to a good contractor in
your area who you can work with if I'm not taking new work at the
Consultations for  new homeowners or just baffled ones!
Design, Installation and maintenance services
Call me at (206) 763-7625   
email us at
* License number egreel*901KQ - Bond and  Insurance on file.  
** ISA Certified Arborist, Andrew L. Rupp Cert. # PN-5502-A
Pennsylvania Bluestone
Walkways, Dry Stream and Beds
West Seattle
Three Rivers Flagstone Patio
West Seattle
Iron Slate Patio , Pond, beds and plantings
West Seattle
Iron Slate Ledge Stone walls
New Turf, Beds and Stone Work
Port Orchard
Dry Stream and Alpine Rock Formation
Port Orchard
Manor Stone Walls and Paver Patio -  West Seattle
Tumbled Stone Walls and Paver Patio
West Seattle